•       Unity in Diversity

We embrace the beauty of differences in our team and strongly hold the fact that each person has their own talent also uniqueness to complete others in a good teamwork. By uniting within the same spirit, we believe that many great things can be achieved. 


  •       Second Home

Working in a fast-paced environment does not make us disregarding the core values which can create a warm and homey working sphere. Joining our family means being honest and respectful as well as helpful and supportive to one another. 


  •       Advanced Growth

It is not only about accomplishing the job, it is also about making the most out of each’s potential by encouraging the whole team to move outside the comfort zones. By thinking outside the box also working in smart and effective ways, we aspire to meet both company and self-goals. 


  •       Let’s Run in Sneakers

As part of an active and energetic community, it is important for us to attain our aims with high enthusiasm, initiative and authenticity throughout the journey. You will also get the chance to travel along with the other teammates. After all, travel is best in pairs, isn’t it?




We are always willing to grow together with talented young individual who feels passionate about fashion world and keen to work in dynamic surroundings. You might be the one that we can share the opportunity and experience with. 


If you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to send us your CV with a cover letter, telling why you want to work with us along with your best portfolio. 


Open Positions:


  1.     Graphic Designer & Digital Operation
  2.     Visual Merchandising
  3.     Intern Business Operation
  4.     Intern Marketing Communication




  1.     Stockist & Reseller

If you are interested in our products and keen to be one of our retailers, contact us at


  1.     Vendor Inquiries 

We are continuously experimenting our production with different technique and materials. If you want to take parts in the manufacturing process, you can reach us at


  1.     Special Project

Are you looking for unique and alluring merchandises for special occasions? Present your ideas and let us help to set off your memorable moments. Simply drop us an email:


  1.     Commercial Wardrobe Service

We are very excited to provide wardrobe needs for commercial project, stage performances, photoshoot, red-carpet appearance, social events, etc., as we have worked and done some collaborations with various stylists also magazines that featured our products. For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at