>> Our Brand


We started hit the fashion scene as an accessories line named Nefertiti Jewelz. Inspired by one of the world’s iconic women, Queen Nefertiti of ancient Egyptian who is known for her power and timeless beauty, we have showed no sign of slowing down since then. We have been growing rapidly and quickly multiplied our production by twenty times in just two years. We were very lucky that our unique accessories got featured in local media such as Gogirl!, Cosmo Girl, Grazia, ELLE Indonesia, Dewi, and Femina magazine, also spotted several times in local and foreign fashion blogs. 


>> Our Vision of Beauty


Our concept swiftly outgrew its former shell and not before long a clothing brand called NEFERTITI the label becoming the primary focus of our business. Still bringing back the spirit of Nefertiti, we aim to create ready-to-wear outfits designed by in-house talent that is made to equip millennial women with fashion they need for various occasions. This line is set out to be an exclusive division utilizing high quality material and is best summed up as a mixture of modern and urban lifestyle, with a sporty mix aesthetic. With an extensive selection of bold and daring pieces, NEFERTITI is perfect for the fearless woman who loves representing herself as a lady on the go in the world today. 


>> The One behind the Brand


The creative talent behind the label is a designer, Prita Widyaputri. Prita’s taste for effortless-cool-modern silhouettes was crafted by taking design and pattern classes at LaSalle College. Her business savvy was also enriched by her former studies in Psychology where studies focused on Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Retail Branding.

In 2013, Prita’s unique journey is recognized among many of applicants by the industry fashion experts such as Svida Alisjahbana, Petty S. Fatimah, and Anne Avantie, who served as the competition judges when she entered an entrepreneur competition of Femina magazine. Femina magazine article quoted moments of the judging process then where designer Anne Avantie appraising her as “(at a young age yet) is very talented it makes me proud”. Prita was awarded as one of the winners of Femina Women Entrepreneur competition in year 2013.

The following year she was chosen to participate in Indonesia Fashion Forward, including an exclusive business coaching program held by Jakarta Fashion Week, British Council, and Center of Fashion Enterprise (CFE) London. Encouraged and mentored by experts such as Toby Meadows, Angela Quaintrell, Sanjeev Davidson, and Wendy Malem, Prita debuted a more sophisticated line of NEFERTITI in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 runway.

Wrapped up in NEFERTITI collection, she dreams that every woman is able to communicate publicly who they are and dare to express their own uniqueness. Be like the queen, she also wishes that the brand can help to represent woman’s power through its timeless designs of clothing.