•   How do I place an order?

Please click here to follow our guideline on placing an order.


  •   Is it required to make an account before purchasing a product?

Yes, it is. You need to register first if you want to make a purchase. This is necessary to let us know your personal details such as email, phone number and shipping address. By signing up, you do not need to give us those information every time you do the purchase. You can also choose to get our regular newsletter, special discount or vouchers and another membership program as the benefits. 


Please ensure that your contact details are accurate and valid. We will use the details to send you some information regarding your purchase. 


  •   Can I order a product that is out of stock?

Unfortunately not, you have to wait until the product is back in stock. However, we would be pleased to inform you via email regarding the update. Simply click the “Notify me when available” button under the size column of the product.


  •   Can I add more items after clicking the “Checkout” button?

You still can continue shopping even after clicking the button. Do not worry because your order will not be disappeared. 


  •   How can I use my voucher?

Enter your voucher code in the “Vouchers” box on Shopping-Cart Summary section and then click “OK” before completing your purchase. 


  •   I want to send a gift to someone, is it possible to change or add new address?

You may add additional addresses by going to My Account then click My Addresses section, so you do not need to change your first address. However, you may also give an update to your previous address in case you move to a new place or delete the old one.  


  •   Can I ship orders to multiple addresses? 

We are only able to deliver to one address per order. If you would like to send your purchases to different multiple addresses, we suggest you to place a new separate order for each destination. 


  •   Can I use Credit Card or PayPal as payment method?

For now, we only receive payment through bank transfer to our BCA or Mandiri account. 


  •   Do you provide Same Day Delivery service?

We do not provide the Same Day Delivery service. 


  •   Is it possible to add, change or cancel my order once it has been confirmed?

No, it is not. You cannot do those tasks to your existing order after submitting it. Thus, please kindly recheck before finishing the purchase. You may place a separate order in case you want to add items. 


  •   Why is my order canceled? 

Your order will be canceled automatically if the payment has not been completed in 2x24 hours.


  •   How do I confirm my payment?

Please go to the Confirm Payment section on our website and fulfill the form required. 


  •   How long does it take until I receive my order?

Your ordered item(s) is generally dispatched within 2 days after we have received invoice with full amount transfer.  The time may vary due to the distinct option of shipping service you select. Read more details about our Shipping Policy here.


  •   How can I track my package?

Whichever shipping choice you make, we will provide you with a link via email to track your package online.



  •   What should I do if I have completed my payment but have not received the package after estimated delivery time?

Please do not forget to confirm through the website once you are done with the payment. If you have not confirmed until the time limit, then your order will be canceled. 


If you have confirmed your payment but have not received the package in the estimated time, please kindly check through the link provided. 


  •   What should I do if I have completed my payment but forgot to confirm over the time limit?

Please contact us through WhatsApp text at +62 811 9779 085  or simply drop us an email: info@nfrtlabel.com for further information.


  •   Can I ask for Return & Exchange?

Please read our Return & Exchange policy here.


  •   Can I order a product from offline store?

Our collections are also available in our official stockist. For more information, please click here.


  •   Can I order a product from overseas?

We currently only serve domestic purchases. We do not ship items purchased from this website to any other destination outside Indonesia.